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Fortune Fights (Reelz)

 Harrison Ford: Fortune Fight


Forged in Fire (History)

Long Road to Redemption Part 1

Long Road to Redemption Part 2

 Branch Battle: Finals

The Partizan

The Foot Artillery Soldier

Napoleon’s Saber

 The Bhuj


America’s Top Dog (A&E)

The Battle of the Garden State

Anchor 15
Anchor 16
Anchor 8



Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)

Supernatural Bigfoot


Botched (E!)

Here Comes Tummy Boo Boo


For Peete's Sake (OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network)

Do I Have Autism Still


Wicked Tuna (National Geographic) 

Help Wanted   


Island Hunters (HGTV)

Taking Things to Hvar

Monkeying Around Granada) (Making a Splash in Panama

Going to the 49th State for the 49th Episode!  



Cover Versions (movie)

Guitar on: This Place Makes Me Want to Kill


Sticker Shock (Discovery)

Oldsmobile, Batmobile, Tankmobile

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

episode 16.30

Anchor 10
Anchor 2



Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Bard Songs (Featuring Elisaveta and Nick Stoubis)

(EA Games Soundtrack) - Guitar


Jay Mohr: Happy. And a Loot (Showtime)



Wicked Tuna (National Geographic)

Too Close To Call


Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)

Bigfoot Basecamp


Botched (E!)

Dolly'd Up

Boner Free Zone 

Serial Filler

Stitched Up Sisters


Island Hunters (HGTV)

Looking for the Perfect Sunset on the Muskoka Lakes

An Un-Belize-able Honeymoon

The Best Nicaragua Hotel

The Hunt for a Resort Island in the Maldives

Searching in Lake of the Woods

The Hunt Around Charleston

The Search in Parry Sound

North by Pacific Northwest

The Hunt in Central Ohio

Picture Perfect in Bora Bora

Fiji Is for Lovers

Laughing Through Ontario



Dragon Age: Inquisition (video game)



The Baytown Outlaws (movie)

Guitar on soundtrack


Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)

(1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Squatch War)

Bigfoot Call of the Wildman

Turtleman's Bigfoot


Wicked Tuna (National Geographic)

Head to Tail


My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet)

Godzilla Attacks!


Freakshow (AMC)

Creature's Daughter

Lobster Family Secrets

Anchor 9
Anchor 3
Anchor 1


The To Do List (movie)

Guitar on: Pour Some Sugar on Me and guitar consultant to Scott Porter


Wicked Tuna (National Geographic)

All Hands on Deck

Twice Bitten


Bill Bellamy's Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour




Wicked Tuna Hooked Up (National Geographic)

All For Run

Double Trouble


The Wanted Life (E!)

Party Like a Pop Star

Vegas Like a Pop Star


Fix My Family (WEtv)

Coleman Family

Contreras Family

Lucatorto Family

Stewart Family

White Family


My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet)

Penny Hates Puck

Macho Cat

Bea Hates CeCe

Cat Horror Show

My Cat Ruined My Wedding

Evil Kashmir

Where Are They Meow


Highway Thru Hell (Discovery Channel Canada)

Welcome to Winter Reloaded

Deadlift Reloaded

The Comeback Kid Reloaded


Trouble Next Door (OWN/Oprah Winfrey Network)

Broken Family, Broken Dreams

Spoiled and Out of Control


Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)

Lonestar Squatch


Teen Mom 3 (MTV)

Into the Distance


My Big Fat Revenge (Oxygen)

Melissa and Alana


RuPaul's Drag Race (VH1)

The Final Three, Hunty



One For The Money (movie)

Guitar on soundtrack: Surrender - Amy Loftus


The Baytown Outlaws (movie)

(Guitar on score)


Jay Mohr: Funny for a Girl




Q'Viva! The Chosen


101, 102, 107, 108, 109, 110


Best Ink (Oxygen)

Tattoo Virgins


Mama Drama (VH1)

My New Mom

Truth and Consequences


Pit Boss (Animal Planet)

Four Feet Tall and Rising


My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet)

Terrorizing My Clients

Cat Fight

My Cat Or My Family

Kitty Jail

Roscoe the Menace

My Cat is a Bully


Repo Games (Spike)

Don't Tell Tom, the Babysitter's Down)

Feminen Loves to Dance


Jaakko Ja Maailmanvalloittajat (YLE, Finland)

2012 JAKSO 2

Anchor 4
Anchor 11


Carney WIlson Unstapled (GSN)

(episode 002)


First Love, Second Chance (TV Land)

episode 104


Texas Quints (TLC)

Birthday Madness


Scott Hamilton: Return to the Ice (BIO)



Vampires Suck (movie)

Guitar on soundtrack - If I Was Your Vampire - Grecia Godliss


Funny or Die Presents (HBO)

episode 2.8


Pit Boss (Animal Planet)

Shorty Goes Home

Dreams Come True


In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman (OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network)

episode 4


Hollywood Treasure (SyFy)

Blood, Sweater and Terminators


The Fabulous Beekman Boys (Planet Green)

A Martha Makeover


Love Handles: Couples in Crisis (Lifetime)

This is the Last Chance She Has


The Incredible Dr. Pol (National Geographic Wild)

How Now Downed Cow?

Got Your Goat

Up Sheep's Creek


Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Oxygen)

Look How Far We've Come

Lights, Camera, Donna


High School Reunion (TvLand)

Reunion Crashers

Welcome Back Wolves

What Happens In Hawaii Stays in Hawaii


Heli-Loggers (TLC)

The Greenhorn and the Beast


Deeper Throat (Showtime)

episode 1, episode 4, episode 5


America's Psychic Challenge (Lifetime)
episode 707

Anchor 5
Anchor 12


Tori and Dean: In Love (Oxygen)

B&B or Bust

Murder at Chateau La Rue

Fry Me To The Moon


Debbie Does Dallas Again (Showtime)

episode 1

episode 3


Starting Over (NBC)

episode 3075, episode 3080, episode 3086,  

episode 3091,episode 3094, episode 3098,

episode 3103, episode 3110, episode 3120,

episode 3121, episode 3124, episode 3125, 

episode 3129, episode 3135, episode 3158



Minding the Store (WTBS)

Dramatic Changes

Hot Girls 


Chasing the Dream (Documentary)

Director: Angelo Mei, Narrated by: Gary Busey

Anchor 6
Anchor 13
Anchor 7


Starting Over (NBC)
episode 2073, episode 2075, episode 2077,

episode 2078, episode 2081, episode 2083,

episode 2086, episode 2090, episode 2091,

episode 2092, episode 2095, episode 2098, 

episode 2101,  episode 2111, episode 2113, 

episode 2114,  episode 2119, episode 2120,

episode 2121, episode 2122, episode 2123,

episode 2124,  episode 2125, episode 2126,

episode 2128, episode 2135, episode 2136,

episode 2137, episode 2138, episode 2139, 

episode 2140, episode 2143,  episode 2152,

episode 2155, episode 2163,episode 3007, 

episode 3017, episode 3022, episode 3026,

episode 3029, episode 3031, episode 3050,

episode 3051, episode 3057,

Circumsized Cinema (SiTV)
Killing Can’t Buy You Love
Fashion Five-0


Starting Over (NBC) - 109 Total Episodes
episode 1134, episode 1140, episode 1147,

episode 1150,  episode 1151, episode 1152,

episode 1154, episode 1155, episode 1156,

episode 1157 , episode 1158, episode 1160,

episode 1162, episode 1164, episode 1166 
episode 1168, episode 1170, episode 1172,

episode 1175, episode 1179, episode 1188,

episode 1191, episode 1192, episode 1246,

episode 1247 episode 1248, episode 1250,

episode 1251, episode 1252, episode 1253,

episode 1254, episode 1256, episode 1258,

episode 1260, episode 1262 \ episode 1263,

episode 1265, episode 2029, episode 2039,

episode 2049 episode 2053, episode 2055,

episode 2056, episode 2057, episode 2060
episode 2061, episode 2062, episode 2063,

episode 2064, episode 2066

The Book of Ruth (CBS)
Movie of the Week
(Also on Lifetime and Hallmark networks)
(Bar Band Shuffle, The Plank, Sally's Strut)

Anchor 14
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